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Ladbrokes adds sports betting to live roulette with Fresh8

Ladbrokes adds sports betting to live roulette with Fresh8 This allows sports fans to follow the real time odds and the live sporting action without leaving the tables. Fresh8 automates the delivery of the sports betting content, ensuring that the most popular and optimised bets are delivered to the user in real time. By using Ladbrokes’ remote betslip the user can then transact directly within the Fresh8 advert without ever leaving the Playtech live casino client. The Fresh8 technology is live with more than 15 sports and all the most popular leagues including global soccer, NBA and NFL. The live roulette tables are obviously popular 24/7 so the automation of the sports content is critical ensuring customers see the most relevant bets, and the latest `#GetAPrice` enhanced odds offers from Ladbrokes at all hours of the sporting day. Andrew Sharland, CEO at Fresh8 commented “The combination of our automated content delivery into the live casino experience is really exciting. Fresh8 are ensuring the most popular bets at that moment are being driven to the user. On-screen talent therefore know that whenever they reference sports the customer is being offered something highly relevant. We are seeing this combination convert brilliantly”.

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